when should i stain when building a coffee table

When to Stain a Coffee Table

Staining a coffee table can be a great way to protect and add a beautiful finish to your newly built table. But when is the best time to stain a coffee table?

Before Assembling

It is generally best to stain each piece of wood separately before assembling the coffee table. This will give you the best result, because you are able to do a more thorough job and make sure all surfaces are stained evenly.

What You Need

Before staining your coffee table, you should make sure you have the following things on-hand:

  • Wood Sander – Using a sander is key to helping the wood properly absorb the stain.
  • Wood Stain – Be sure to pick a wood stain that matches the type of wood you are using.
  • Paint Brush/Cloth – You will need a brush or cloth to apply the stain.
  • Gloves & Flimsy Mask – Gloves and a mask will help to protect against the fumes from the stain.


Once you have all of your supplies ready, you can begin to apply the stain. Before staining, make sure that the wood surface is completely clean and dry.

Start by using the sander to smooth out any rough spots and then using a cloth or brush to apply the stain lightly in the direction of the wood grain. Be sure to wipe away any excess stain.

Once the piece has been stained, wipe away any extra stain with a clean cloth and let it dry.

Finishing Up

Once all the pieces of the table have been stained, you can assemble your coffee table and admire your hard work!

Staining before assembling a coffee table is the best way to ensure an even and quality finish. And with the right supplies and application you can create a beautiful table that will last.

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