when not to use a lucite coffee table

When Not to Use a Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite coffee tables are a great addition to almost any living space. They are classic, elegant and modern all at once, and can be used to add just the right amount of subtle style. But there are moments when lucite coffee tables may not be the right choice.

1. When Going for a Cozy Vibe

Lucite coffee tables are generally modern and stylish, and their transparency can be seen as a little more industrial than necessary if the space they’re used in is going for a cozy, homey vibe. If your living room is meant to be a comforting and relaxing home sanctuary, lucite may not be the choice for you.

2. When You Need Deep Storage

Lucite coffee tables are brilliant for displaying pretty knick knacks or books, but their storage capabilities are limited because of their transparency, further hindered by their typical slim shape. If you’re looking for a table with ample storage space, lucite may not be the best option.

3. If You Have Young Children

Lucite is a great, strong material, but it still requires more care than say, a wooden coffee table. If you’re looking for something less breakable and more resilient with young children in the home, lucite may not be the right choice.


In conclusion, while lucite coffee tables can make a great decorative addition to many living spaces, there are certain moments when it’s not the right choice. Consider the vibe you’re going for, the amount of storage you require, and any children present in the home before making a decision.

Some other factors to consider include:

  • Number of occupants: If you share the living space with a lot of people, you may want something a bit more robust like a wooden table.
  • Durability: If you’re looking for something with a lasting appeal, a wooden table might be better for you.
  • Cost: Wooden tables generally cost more than the transparent plastic ones.

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