when not to use a lucite coffee table

When not to use a Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite is an acrylic polymer that is notoriously known for its transparency and resilience. It has been used in everything from furniture and jewelry to kitchen appliances and accessories. Lucite coffee tables are a great choice for homeowners looking to add a modern and stylish look to their living space.

However, there are a few scenarios when it would be best to avoid using a lucite coffee table. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Difference in Color Scheme

Lucite is known to have a very unique reflective quality. This can make it difficult to coordinate if you have other pieces in your home that don’t match the reflective sheen that lucite offers. If you already have a color scheme planned out for your home, it is important to make sure that the lucite table won’t overpower the other pieces.

Sensitive Surfaces

Lucite has a hard, cold surface that isn’t ideal for spaces that are already full of sensitive surfaces. If you have furniture, rugs and other accessories in your home that may scratch from the hardness of the lucite table, it is better to avoid using it in the space.

Cluttered Environments

Lucite furniture is great for open floor plans because it doesn’t take up too much visual space. Nevertheless, if your space is filled with clutter and you’re looking to maximize storage opportunities, Lucite may not be the best option.


Lucite furniture can be quite expensive — it is always important to consider your budget when selecting any furniture or accessories for your home.


At the end of the day, using a lucite coffee table in your space is completely up to you. Lucite furniture can be a great addition to any room with the right considerations. However, if the scenarios above apply to you, it may be best for your space to choose a different type of furniture.

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