when did pyrex make glass coffee pots

When Did Pyrex Make Glass Coffee Pots?

Pyrex has long been recognized as a reliable and quality line of kitchen and home goods. The company made its first foray into producing glass coffee pots in the late 1920s. Since then, the brand has stayed a staple in homes across the country for its reliable, sometimes vintage coffee pots.

Early Glass Pyrex Coffee Pots

Pyrex’s earliest glass coffee pots were made of borosilicate, a heat-resistant type of glass. The coffee pot designs became popular during the 1930s, and featured a handle made of Bakelite material. During this time, Pyrex also released small coffee makers with a flip-lid top to stop filter paper from slipping out.

Modern Designs

Today, Pyrex glass coffee pots come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These contemporary designs include stovetop and electric espresso machines, as well as simpler coffee makers to suit different needs.


Pyrex’s glass coffee pots are known for several key features, such as:

  • Durability: Made of tough borosilicate glass, Pyrex coffee pots are resistant to extreme temperatures and are designed to last.
  • Heat Retention: Pyrex coffee pots are designed to keep warm drinks hot while giving users a cool handle.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth surfaces on Pyrex coffee pots make them simple to wipe down, inside and out.
  • Design Variety: Customers can select from a range of modern and vintage designs to match their taste and style.


Pyrex has been producing quality glass coffee pots for decades. With its durable and stylish designs, Pyrex is a trusted go-to for at-home coffee solutions. Whether a home maker is after something simple or sophisticated, there’s sure to be a Pyrex coffee pot to fit the bill.

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