when did pyrex make glass coffee pots

Pyrex Glass Coffee Pots: A Timeless Kitchen Essential

First introduced in 1915, the Pyrex glass coffee pot has been a timeless kitchen classic for over a century. This iconic piece of cookware offers an efficient and unique method of cooking up a pot of coffee, and is beloved by millions of coffee drinkers around the world.

History of Pyrex Coffee Pots

Pyrex first began developing and manufacturing glass products in 1915. Initially they focused on laboratory glassware, but by the 1930s they branched out into home glassware, and the first Pyrex glass coffee pot was released in 1931. Since then, the brand has continued to offer updated versions of the classic pot in various sizes and shapes, such as the popular “Open Seam” and “French White” designs released in the 1950s.

Benefits of Using Pyrex Glass Coffee Pots

Pyrex coffee pots are incredibly versatile pieces of cookware. They are compatible with both gas and electric stoves, and some newer models feature microwavable glass. The pot itself will stay nice and warm on your stovetop, and is also free of any odors or tastes, making it ideal for preparing multiple cups of coffee.

The tempered borosilicate glass used in Pyrex pots is also much more durable than other types of glass used in coffee pots. It has excellent heat resistance, making it unlikely to ever crack or shatter, no matter how long it is left on the stove.

Caring for Your Pyrex Glass Coffee Pot

It is important to care for your Pyrex glass coffee pot properly in order to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Here are some tips for cleaning and properly caring for your Pyrex glass coffee pot:

  • Replace the filter regularly. Over time, coffee filters can start to wear down, so replacing them regularly will help ensure your pot remains in peak condition.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning materials. Mild soap and warm water are all that is needed to keep your Pyrex glass coffee pot clean.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes. While Pyrex glass is durable, sudden changes in temperature can cause it to crack or shatter. When cleaning, ensure the pot has returned to room temperature before attempting to clean it.

Pyrex glass coffee pots are a classic piece of cookware that are sure to last for many years to come. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy fresh cups of coffee for years to come.

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