when did pyrex make glass coffee pots

A Brief History of Pyrex Glass Coffee Pots

Pyrex, the leading manufacturer of kitchen glassware, has a long history of producing collectible coffee pots that still delight lovers of vintage kitchenware. The company produced its first glass coffee pot in 1915, a time when most people still made their coffee over an open fire.

Early Years

Pyrex’s first coffee pot was a metal and glass percolator that could be placed on the stovetop. These coffee pots were fairly simple and usually just had a glass brewing chamber, metal filter, and a handle for easy lifting. The coffee pots were produced until the mid-1920s.

Pyrex Comes of Age

In the 1930s, Pyrex decided to expand its range of coffee pots and began producing several distinct styles. These included:

  • Glass and metal percolators
  • Glass and metal drip coffee makers
  • Glass stove-top coffee makers
  • Glass vacuum coffee makers

The range of Pyrex coffee pots produced during this period was truly innovative and the company quickly became the leader in the home coffee making industry. The company even created “instant coffee pots,” which used a spring-loaded filter to make coffee faster. In addition, Pyrex began manufacturing some of their products with the use of plastic and chrome.

The Later Years

Towards the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century, Pyrex continued to update its range of coffee pots. The company now produces mainly plastic and chrome coffee pots, though there are some glass models on the market. These coffee pots come in many different shapes and sizes and still feature the quality that has made Pyrex a household name.

Pyrex glass coffee pots are a great option for anyone looking for an antique coffee maker that has stood the test of time. Many collectors enjoy searching for vintage Pyrex coffee pots and delight in the fact that they can brew a great cup of coffee with a bit of nostalgia.

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