when did pyrex make glass coffee pots

When Did Pyrex Make Glass Coffee Pots?

Pyrex, the well-known brand of glass cookware, has been part of American households since 1915. Pyrex is best known for its heat-resistant glass baking dishes, but it has also produced a wide array of kitchen-related products, including coffee pots. Pyrex has been manufacturing glass coffee pots since the 1940s and has continued to evolve with the times, offering modern and updated designs for today’s coffee connoisseur.

Early Glass Coffee Pots

Pyrex first introduced its glass percolator coffee pot in the 1940s, a timeless classic style with a tall, narrow upper vessel and a larger, wider lower pot for holding heated water. Initially made with a single-spout design, some of the earliest vintage Pyrex glass coffee pots featured painted metal handles with metal spouts and were produced in two sizes — one quart and two quarts — and either clear or ivory colored glass.

Modern Pyrex Coffee Pots

Pyrex continues to manufacture a variety of coffee pot designs that include both classic and modern styles. Today’s modern Pyrex glass coffee pots include:

  • Percolators: Pyrex manufactures two modern percolator in two sizes, one quart and two quarts.
  • French Presses: Pyrex makes a modern French press with a strong, heat-resistant glass beaker and a stainless steel filter press.
  • Drip Machines: The modern Pyrex glass drip machine includes an automatic 14-cup capacity carafe with stainless steel filter and a glass heating element.
  • Travel Mugs: Ideal for on-the-go coffee drinkers, Pyrex manufactures a reusable glass travel mug in two sizes, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of your favorite beverage.

From the durable and classic to the modern and updated, Pyrex glass coffee pots remain a must-have for any coffee enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a timeless percolator or an updated drip machine, Pyrex has the perfect coffee pot for your needs.

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