when can you take bumper guards off coffee table

When can you Take Bumper Guards off Coffee Table?

Many people have concerns about removing bumper guards from their coffee table, but it may not be as important to wait for a certain time. Bumper guards are often used to prevent young children from knocking over drinks on the table. While it is wise to wait for the child to understand and follow safety rules, the table can be freed sooner than you may initially think.

Age of the Child

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to taking off bumper guards is the age of the child.

For toddlers between the ages of 2-3, it is recommended to wait to remove the bumper guards until the child is reliable in following basic safety rules.

For older children between the ages of 4-5, it is generally safe to remove or avoid using the guards.

Safety Rules

It is wise to ensure the child knows the safety rules before taking off guards. This includes:

  • Keep drinks away from the edge of the table. Guards should not be used as a way of encouraging a child to put drinks on the coffee table.
  • Be mindful of playing toys. Make sure the child knows to keep toys off the table and away from drinks.
  • Use proper adult supervision. An adult should always be present and watching when a child is playing near the coffee table.

By following the above safety rules and considering the age of the child, parents can feel comfortable removing bumper guards from the coffee table. It is important to continually reinforce rules and supervise children when playing near the table to ensure the child’s safety.

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