when can you take bumper guards off coffee table

When Can You Take Bumper Guards Off Coffee Table

The inclusion of bumper guards on coffee tables is a growing trend; manufacturers, furniture retailers and safety enthusiasts alike are approving of the concept. However, there are times when it might be safe to remove these guards from your coffee table, let’s explore why and when.

When Is It Safe to Remove Bumper Guards?

Bumper guards can generally be removed when:

  • Babies start to crawl: Once a baby is old and experienced enough to start crawling or walking, the period of risk has lowered significantly, allowing you to remove bumper guards.
  • Cats and Dogs start to knock the tables their weight causes the blunt force to snap: If you have animals like cats or dogs in your home, and they have an penchant for sleeping on or near your coffee table, the extra weight of their body can cause the blunt forces when they jump on or off the table to snap. If this happens, you should remove bumper guards.
  • When a viable case to remove is presented: If the coffee table is being altered for a new purpose, or if it is being disassembled, it might be a viable outlet to remove the bumper guards.


Bumper guards are not a permanent solution; as baby’s age and awareness of the environment increases, it might be safer to remove them. When cats or dogs start knocking against your coffee table, or in case of a viable case for removal, bumper guards can and should be removed.

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