what’s the height of a coffee table

Coffee Table Heights

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture and come in countless shapes, sizes and heights. So, what is the average height of a coffee table?

Standard Coffee Table Height

The standard height of a coffee table is between 16 to 18 inches (40 to 45 cm) tall, with the ideal height typically being closer to 18 inches (45 cm). The general rule is that it should be around the same height as the cushions on the sofa to create a comfortable armrest and viewing angle.

Higher and Lower Coffee Table Heights

Some coffee tables are available at higher or lower heights, but the standard height is a good rule of thumb.

  • Taller Coffee Tables – For larger sofas or homes with high ceilings, a taller coffee table may be more appropriate. Generally, it should be about 2 inches (5 cm) taller than the sofa cushions.
  • Shorter Coffee Tables – Shorter tables are ideal for homes with lower ceilings or smaller sofas. The height should be about 1-2 inches (2-4 cm) shorter than the sofa cushions.


In conclusion, the ideal height of a coffee table is typically between 16 to 18 inches (40 to 45 cm). There are taller and shorter options available, depending on the size of the sofa and the height of the ceiling. Ultimately, the height of the coffee table should match the height of the sofa cushions to create an ergonomic and comfortable armrest.

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