what type of coffee table use for outside view

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table for a Patio with a View

Finding the perfect coffee table for your patio can be a challenge. A beautiful view of the outdoors can add an extra layer of peace and tranquility to your garden space. But, the type of table you choose must have a certain level of durability and style that complements your unique outdoor space.


The main considerations when thinking about sourcing a coffee table for your patio should primarily be the material it’s made out of. Here are few popular materials to consider:

  • Teak – Teak is highly recommended for its durability and long-lasting properties, it is often considered a high-end material choice.
  • Metal – Metal is becoming increasingly popular in outdoor furniture due to its versatility- metals like aluminium and powder coated steel are great options as they are hard wearing and resistant to water damage.
  • Glass – When used outdoors, a glass table must be heat and impact resistant. Tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.
  • Concrete – A concrete table might be a great option if your looking for a more traditional or rustic-style aesthetic. Concrete will last for years with minimal maintenance required.
  • Wooden – Wooden tables are classic and timeless, they are also a great way to bring warmth and a natural feel to any outdoor space. It’s important to choose a table that is treated and sealed to protect against weather and water damage.


When selecting a coffee table for outside, you will need to take into consideration where the table is going to go. If your patio has a limited amount of space, opt for a smaller table that won’t take up too much room. On the other hand, if your patio is large enough, find a bigger table to make sure it can hold food, drinks, and other items.


The design of your coffee table should always reflect the overall theme of your patio. Make sure the table complements the style of furniture you have selected and it must be practical for everyday use. A coffee table works great for large gatherings, so use a table that is designed to maximize seating space and provide comfortable support for your guests.

Choosing the right coffee table is essential for any patio that wants to capture a stunning view. Select a material that will last, then take into consideration size, design and your own personal preference when deciding on the perfect coffee table for your patio.

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