what to use rather than coffee table in living room

Alternative to Coffee Table in Living Room

Do you want to forgo the traditional coffee table in your living room? Practical and often an attractive addition to a living room, opting for an alternative can help keep your living space diverse and interesting. Here are some ideas you can use in its place:


Ottomans are great for creating a multifunctional space. If you tend to entertain a lot, ottomans can be a great place to sit, with increased seating capacity and they look more modern and interesting than another sofa. Place a large tray on the top and you instantly have a place to put your drinks, snacks, and remotes.

Storage Trunks and Benches

Storage trunks and benches offer you not only the functionality of a coffee table but also the ability to store any items you don’t wish to have cluttering your house. Have hidden storage that opens up to reveal blankets and pillows for guests or storage for magazines and newspapers. You can also use it for extra seating as well.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are two or three tables that are placed together to form one large table. The great thing about them is that you can separate them to use individually or they can stand side by side when filled with beverages, flowers, and/or books.

Accent Shelves

Accent shelves are great when you want added décor with a place to keep your items. You can add floating shelves or an accent shelf between two sofas to give it a coffee table look or mount a taller shelf for a library feel.

All these options will offer you something different to the classic coffee-table in the living room. Whether you want extra storage or a visually interesting space, try adopting one of these ideas!

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