what to use in place of a coffee table

Alternative Uses For A Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great addition to your living room, however, they can be bulky and an inefficient use of space. Here are some interesting alternative uses for a coffee table.


A seat or ottoman with built-in storage can easily be used in place of a traditional coffee table, while offering you and your family useful storage space. Ottomans are perfect for storing books and magazines, extra blankets and even remote controls and various knick knacks.


Adding a breakfast bar or a dining table with a drop-leaf or table leaf is an excellent alternative to a coffee table. This kind of multi-functioning furniture allows you to have a set-up that can be used for meals and drinks or as an extra workspace when needed.

Art Pieces

If you are looking for a cute and whimsical accent to your living room, why not try using an art piece such as a sculpture, a display cabinet or an old trunk as a coffee table? This will offer an eye-catching addition to the living room and a great conversation starter.

Unique Furniture Pieces

Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding a unique alternative to a coffee table. Things like:

  • A basket or two that can hold books, magazines and other items.
  • A up-cycled dresser to organize the living room.
  • A stack of large book for an alternative, industrial style.
  • An old suitcase or trunk for a rustic vintage look.

By getting creative and exploring your options, you can find some unique and stylish pieces of furniture to replace the traditional coffee table so you can make your living room a fashionable and function space.

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