what to store under coffee table

Things to store under a Coffee Table

While a coffee table tops off a living room or bedroom, the space under it can provide handy storage. That’s why it pays to consider what to store under your coffee table. Here are some things you might want to consider keeping tucked away.


Board games, puzzles, and other children’s games can be long, flat and difficult to store. But they fit perfectly under a coffee table where you can keep them handy and out of the way when not in use.

Remote Controls

Remote controls, while necessary, can be unsightly and take up counter space. Tucking them away in pretty organizers is a great way to get them off tables and out of sight. And underneath a coffee table is a prime place for them.

Blankets and Throw Pillows

If you plan to use your coffee table for extra seating, having blankets and pillows stored underneath is always a good idea. Keep them close at hand so that guests can easily grab one in a pinch.

Storage Bins

You can store almost anything you need in storage bins. Of course, make sure you leave some space in front for guests to put their feet. But standard storage bins fit well under almost any coffee table.

Stylish Baskets

When storage bins aren’t enough and you want a more decorative touch, try stylish baskets. The give your coffee table a neat, finished look. Opt for white or natural shades such as wicker, to match with your décor.

In conclusion, consider your living space when deciding what to store underneath your coffee table. Everything from games and remote controls to pillows and baskets can be a perfect fit, making your home look more organized and stylish.

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