what to store under coffee table

What to Store Under Coffee Table

Coffee table storage comes in handy when you need to free up some space in your living room. Underneath a coffee table, you can discretely store items while maintaining a clean and organized look. Here are some tips on what to store under coffee table.

Living Room Essentials

Keep everyday living room items tucked away under your coffee table. Store excess TV remotes or cables and chargers in baskets or bins. Put remotes and other must-have items in a decorative tray so it’s easy to grab when you need it.

Toys and Books

Toys and books can take up a lot of space in your living room. Rein in the clutter and store kids’ toys in baskets, bins or even Lego organizers. Put books in magazine holders or stack them in the corner for easy access.

Extra Pillows and Blankets

For quick and easy changes to your living room’s decor, store extra pillows and blankets under your coffee table. Bins, crates or decorative baskets are great for keeping these items on hand while staying out of sight.

Extra Seating

If you need additional seating, use the space under your coffee table to tuck away folding chairs or ottomans. These items are perfect for when company comes over or when you just need a little extra space.

Store in Style

Let your style shine through the items that you store under your coffee table. Choose attractive bins, baskets and trays to store your items while still complementing your living room’s look.

Use the space under your coffee table to store the following items:

  • Living Room Essentials
  • Toys and Books
  • Extra Pillows and Blankets
  • Extra Seating

By utilizing the space under your coffee table, you can free up space in your living room while still being able to access the items you need. Be sure to pick decorative pieces that blend in with your decor to finish off the look.

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