what to put under glass coffee table

Things To Place Under Your Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table provides an elegant centrepiece to any living room, however, as these items can take up quite a lot of space, it’s important to make sure that the area underneath is used to its full potential.

1. Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are the ideal choice to use underneath your glass coffee table, as the materials will work perfectly together. These shelves can be used for decor items such as candles and books, or even for practical storage like storing extra throws and pillows.

2. Ottomans

We all need somewhere to relax our feet after a long day and an ottoman is the perfect solution! Ottomans are great for extra seating and can be used as makeshift coffee tables when entertaining guests. As these can often be sourced in a variety of colours and fabrics, the underneath of your glass coffee table is a great spot to show off your style.

3. Baskets and Boxes

Sometimes, you want to keep all your items out of sight and this is often where storage baskets and boxes come in handy. These work especially well in more contemporary living spaces and can be used to store items like magazines, toys, and books.

4. Seagrass

Seagrass is perfect for adding a bit of laidback charm to your living room, and when placed underneath a glass coffee table, it provides an inviting yet stylish atmosphere. Seagrass is durable and can be found in a range of fun shapes and sizes.

5. Large Throw Blanket

Adding a large throw blanket to the area underneath your glass coffee table is a great way to add texture and colour to your living room. Choose a blanket in a colour or pattern that ties in with the other decor items you have in the room.

So throw away any doubts and hop onto transforming the area underneath your glass table.

No matter what décor you want to create in your living room, making the most of the area underneath your glass coffee table is key. From glass shelves to large throw blankets – you can find endless options to choose from.

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