what to put under glass coffee table

What to Put Under a Glass Coffee Table

Spanning the area beneath your glass coffee table is an important place for adding style and a little extra storage to your living room. Here are some great ideas for what to put under a glass coffee table:


Baskets filled with magazines, blankets, or throw pillows look great under glass coffee tables. Choose colorful baskets that complement your decor to create a coordinated look.


Books are not just for reading; they make great coffee table decor too. Create shelves under the coffee table by stacking books on to of each other and add a few decorative items to make the books look intentional.

Flowers and Plants

Add a bit of life to your living room by placing a few potted plants under your glass coffee table. Not only do they add a touch of green, but they can help improve air quality as well.


Ottomans are great for adding extra seating to your living room. But they can also be placed under glass coffee tables to add extra storage. Plus, you can use them to prop up your feet as you relax.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized with colors and designs. Use them to organize the miscellaneous items floating around your living room like remotes, pens, and spare change.

Display Items

Your glass coffee table is a great place to show off your favorite items. Try displaying a few books, photo albums, magazines, or other family heirlooms.

Using these ideas, you can easily create a beautiful backdrop under your glass coffee table. Not only will it create a coordinated look for your living room, but it will also add a bit of extra storage.

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