what to put on your coffee table tray

What to Put on Your Coffee Table Tray

When styling your coffee table, adding a tray provides an effective way to create a neat display. Here are some ideas for what to put on your coffee table tray:

Decorative Objects

  • Vase with Flowers – A vase with fresh flowers or artificial greenery can bring a welcome splash of natural colour as well as a nice scent to your living space.
  • Candles – Both decorative and scented candles provide a wonderful atmosphere while adding extra texture, height and colour to your coffee table.
  • Table Sculptures – Artistic sculptures and figurines make a great addition to your coffee table display.

Functional Items

  • Remote Controls – Keep remote controls within easy reach either using a coffee table drawer or a tray.
  • Coasters – Add some coasters to protect your furniture from drink marks.
  • Book – Keep a book or magazine handy for when you want to relax and read.

The contents of your coffee table tray should deliver both a practical and aesthetic purpose, so try to mix it up with both decorative and functional items. This will help to create an attractive and inviting atmosphere to your home.

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