what to put on top of a round coffee table

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Decorating a round coffee table can be challenging, but nevertheless is achievable. The key is to find the right items that will make the table look popular and fashionable. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


A great way to add some charm to your room is by placing a centerpiece on top of the coffee table. Consider using a bowl filled with colorful fruits or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers.


A more romantic option is to opt for candles instead of flowers. Whether you choose accompanying holders for a candle, or place the pillar candles directly on the table, you can never go wrong with a calm and inviting light that candles bring.


To etch a cozy atmosphere in your household, choose a selection of books to feature on your coffee table. A creative way to keep your book well aligned and organized is to pile them up and binding them with band or ribbon.


Apart from those elegant choices listed above, you can also add some of the following items on top of your round coffee table:

  • Statues: Choose decorative statues, figures or figurines to make your table interesting.
  • Ceramic trays: A great option to keep your decorations organized and easy-to-reach.
  • Sculptures: From modern styles to vintage pieces, sculptures can be an elegant and stylish addition.
  • Baskets: A great way to keep your table clean and make it easier to organize your items.
  • Photo frames: You could use some of your favorite memories to decorate your table, instantly adding personalization to it.

Decorating a coffee table can turn into a fun process. Just make sure you choose items that match your home decor while reflecting your style.

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