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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Coffee Table Setting

Outdoor coffee tables are a great way to create a unique living space and a great outdoor gathering spot for friends and family. A cozy outdoor coffee table setting can transport you to another world, complete with its own unique decor, personalities, and atmosphere.

To create the perfect outdoor coffee table setting, here are a few tips:

1. Shop for the Right Size Table

When shopping for an outdoor coffee table, size is key. The ideal table should be two inches to three inches wider than the sofa it will be placed in front of, so that people have plenty of room to set their drinks, snacks and books. Make sure to also leave enough room for walkways and pathways around the table.

2. Choose Comfortable Seating

Look for comfortable seating that is long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean. Armchairs and rattan seating are great options due to their low-maintenance material and lasting comfort. Add a few plush throw pillows for extra comfort.

3. Pick the Right Plants

Add life to your outdoor coffee table setting with plants. Create a potted herb garden on one side of the table or hang a few hanging planters above the table. Choose plants that thrive in the sun, such as succulents, ivy, and ferns.

4. Accessorize with Style

Accessories are a must for an outdoor coffee table setting. Here are a few staples to keep in mind:

  • A few books for a bit of reading material.
  • Ceramic bowls for holding snacks and appetizers.
  • Lanterns for creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • An outdoor rug to bring the whole look together.

Remember, when creating your perfect outdoor coffee table setting, less is often more. You want to create a living space that looks effortless and inviting, while still providing everyone with enough comfort to spend hours outside.

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