what to put on my coffee table

What to Put on Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be a great addition to the living room, creating a place to entertain guests and hold drinks and food. However, the table offers so much more than that. A coffee table can serve at the perfect display for your decorations, whether oversized and color blocking or small and eye-catching. Here are some ideas on what to put on your coffee table:


Books are a great way to add texture, color, and personality to your coffee table. They can also tell a story about you and your interests. Try grouping multiple books of different sizes, colors, and genres to create a beautiful display. Mix in some vintage finds or recent bestsellers for a personal touch.


Adding a few scented candles is a great way to freshen up your space and bring in subtle illumination. Small tealight candles are a great option, as they can easily be swapped out for different colors and fragrances to match the mood. Many candles come in festive jars, which allows you to place them anywhere without taking up much room.

Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers can bring an instant shot of life and color to any room. Whether you opt for a real arrangement or artificial stems, they can be an eye-catching centerpiece on your coffee table. Choose tall and slim plants to maximize the vertical space, or go for low-maintenance succulents.


Trays are a great way to keep your coffee table looking organized and neat. Place them in the center of the table, then use them to store remotes, magazines, or drinks that you want to keep out of reach. Plus, you can change out the decor to match the season.


Storage boxes can be a great way to keep your coffee table looking polished while still using it to store items. Choose a box with an interesting design to add some further visual interest and use it to store cards, coasters, or anything else that you do not want to leave out.

Decorative Objects and Art

Give your coffee table added dimension and personality with some decor pieces and art. Go for large and bold items, such as sculptures or colorful ceramics, that act as focal points for the space. You can also use framed or unframed prints for artwork that fits your style.


Tablecloths are a great way to add texture and pattern to your coffee table. A simple woven tablecloth can look great when paired with other accent pieces. You can also try a colorful and geometric pattern that creates a bold look.

No matter what you choose to put on your coffee table, make sure that it feels comfortable and inviting. The coffee table is a great space to experiment and create a stylish and functional living room.

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