what to put on glass coffee table

What to Put On a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are timeless and stylish home décor pieces, best suited for modern and contemporary living spaces. Styling them for optimal appeal can be both fun and challenging. Here are some ideas for what to put on your glass coffee table!


Books are the most classic choice for glass coffee tables. Whether you often need to refer to them, or just love the decorative aspect they bring, displaying books in an organized way can instantly boost the visual appeal of your coffee table.

Flowers and Candles

Flowers are natural decorations that can freshen up any living space. Choose flowers in your favorite color, or ones that match the style and décor of the room. Together with candles, these can create a cozy atmosphere and make your living space more inviting.

Decorative Objects

Decorative items such as sculptures, vases, and trinkets can add some character to your glass coffee table. Consider items with various textures, shapes, and sizes to create visual contrast and add interest to your décor.

Display Items

For a more personalized look, consider adding items you enjoy displaying or have collected over the years. This could include family photos, plants or picture frames. With glass coffee tables, these items will be the star of the show without any clutter taking the limelight away!

Tips for Styling Your Glass Coffee Table:

  • Start with a clean slate. When styling your glass coffee table, start with a clean base and pick and choose items as you go.
  • Vary the sizes. To maintain visual impact, vary the heights and sizes of items you put on the table.
  • Maintain balance. Balanced compositions offer the most visual appeal, with anything added tending to look proportionate and in harmony.

For more inspiration, take a look around your living space and identify items that will suit and enhance the style of your glass coffee table. With these ideas, you can rest assured knowing your glass coffee table will always look stylish and inviting.

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