what to put on glass coffee table

Glass Coffee Tables: What to Put On Top

Glass coffee tables provide a modern touch to any living room. But what should you put on top of one? Here are a few ideas:

Show Off Special Memorabilia

Glass coffee tables are perfect for sharing meaningful mementos that bring back fond memories each time you glance at them. Here are some items you can proudly display:

  • Photo albums
  • Displays of important documents, such as a diploma or marriage certificate
  • A collection of items, such as vacation souvenirs or antique figurines
  • An old tea set you inherited from your grandmother

Go Green

Adding some greenery to your glass coffee table area is a great way to bring nature indoors. Here are some ideas:

  • A potted succulent or small cactus
  • A bundle of fresh herbs, such as mint or basil
  • A bowl or vase of real or faux flowers
  • A small terrarium, filled with colorful stones and other interesting elements

Incorporate Texture and Color

Adding color, texture and pattern to a glass coffee table area is a great way to dress it up. Here are some options for tastefully adding color and texture to the table:

  • A small, soft rug
  • A throw blanket in a pretty pattern
  • Some fancy coasters or mats
  • A small, decorative box for holding books or magazines
  • A patterned tray filled with interesting knick knacks

Glass coffee tables provide a great opportunity to express your own unique style. And these ideas are just a few of the many possibilities for making your glass coffee table truly perfect.

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