what to put on glass coffee table

How to Style a Glass Coffee Table

Whether you have just bought a new glass coffee table, or you want to give your existing one some new style – it can be a great way to make your living room look stylish, modern and warm. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of your glass coffee table:

Choose Table Decorations

The first step is to choose decorative elements to put on the table – it could be flowers, a set of succulents, or small items with personality that fit the theme of the room, such as books and artwork.

Choose Your Centerpiece

Your centerpiece should be the largest and most eye-catching item on the table and it should act as a focal point. A large vase, a bowl of fruit or a set of candles can all be good choices.

Keep it Clean and Minimalistic

Too much clutter on the table can make it look cluttered and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to keep the styling clean and minimalistic, with a few carefully selected decorations.

Create a Balance

The items on the table should be balanced – meaning alternating heights and dimensions. You could place a tall vase on one side of the table, then a bowl of fruit on the other side and a smaller artwork in the middle.

Use Accent Colors

Accent colors – usually in the form of flowers or artwork – can be used to make the table more interesting. For example, if you choose a orange set of flowers, you could use an orange artwork to tie everything together.


Finally, accessorize with items that relate to your decor and provide practicality. For example, you could put a tray with coasters, a box with crochet or a stack of books.

With these tips, you will be able to create an amazing glass coffee table that will bring your living room to life.

Tips for Styling a Glass Coffee Table:

  • Choose table decorations
  • Choose a centerpiece
  • Keep it minimalistic
  • Create a balance
  • Use accent colors
  • Accessorize

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