what to put on glass coffee table

Refresh Your Living Room With a Stylish Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can be an attractive and modern accent to your living room. They offer a unique and open aesthetic compared to a traditional coffee table – perfect for styling according to your tastes. Here are some helpful tips on what to put on your glass coffee table to best suit the room:

Decorative Trays

A decorative tray can be very useful for keeping items organised in style. It’s great for keeping magazines, smaller decorative items, coasters, and anything else you want to keep on your coffee table. Plus, if you don’t want to leave them out, you can easily slide the tray off and store things away.


Books make great accessories for any glass coffee table. Place your favorite hardback books with beautiful covers of muted colors and patterns, and watch them become an unexpected yet stylish statement. Positioned alongside smaller decor pieces, they create a unique, eclectic look.

Small Indoor Plants

Adding greenery to your living room showcases a modern and minimalist vibe. Small indoor plants such as succulents and cacti bring a bygone bohemian feel to a room, but provide a modern aesthetic when used alongside materials like macrame and natural stone.


Little lamps can be a great addition to your living room. Place them on each end of your glass coffee table to add soft lighting and more visual interest. Make sure to use a dimmer lamp to dim the light intensity, enabling you to control the tone.


Creating fresh and modern looks for your glass coffee table is easy when you focus on the details. Try incorporating some of these elements:

  • Vases: Vases with bright colors and unique shapes make an eye-catching addition to any coffee table.
  • Candles: Delicate candles bring a cozier hue to the room, whether lit or unlit.
  • Figurines: Decorative figurines add texture to your glass coffee table and catch the eye.
  • Cushion: Placing a cushion (or two) on your glass coffee table can add a touch of comfort and color to the room.
  • Tablecloth: To give more warmth and color, use a colorful tablecloth to bring more character to your glass coffee table.

A glass coffee table is a modern way to add style and personality to your living room. Depending on the shades and accents you add, it can become an eye-catching centerpiece that can serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. When styling yours, use these tips to transform your living room into something beautiful.

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