what to put on glass coffee table

Glass Coffee Table Styling Tips

Your glass coffee table is a great piece of furniture that can add some style and functionality to your living space. But it can also look a little bare or underwhelming. The good news is that you can easily dress it up in all sorts of interesting ways. Here are our tips on how to put the perfect finishing touches to your glass coffee table:


Books are a great choice of décor for glass coffee tables. They can be a practical item that you can read on the sofa, plus they add both colour and texture to your living space. Choose a selection of different sized books and arrange them according to colour and size. This can be an easy way to create a unique and interesting look.

Tray or Bowl

A decorative tray or bowl in the middle of your glass coffee table can create the perfect focal point. You can use this for displaying items or as somewhere to store items like remotes or magazines. There are lots of styles and materials to choose from, so pick something that fits in with the rest of your room. Plus it can create an interesting contrast to the glass table.

Plants or Flowers

Adding a few plants or fresh flowers to your coffee table can inject a bit of life into your living space. They’re a great way to bring some natural beauty indoors and to add a splash of colour. Plus it can actually make your home more inviting and cosy.

Candles or Votives

Candles or votives are another great way to spruce up your glass coffee table. They can give your living space a warm, inviting glow, plus they can also create a nice atmosphere. You can choose from all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials, so there’s something to suit all styles.

Ornaments and Decorations

You can also make your glass coffee table extra special with some ornaments and decorations. This could be anything from family pictures, photo frames or figurines. Be creative and choose items that reflect your own style and personality. This can be a great way to inject some character into your living space.


Finally, why not add some small accessories to your glass coffee table? This could be anything from throw pillows, coasters, lamps or books. You can also use this opportunity to tie in with the rest of your room. So if your room is mostly neutral, choose items that have pops of colour. Or if your room is bold, choose accessories in similar hues.

We hope these tips have given you plenty of ideas on what to put on glass coffee table. So get creative and have fun styling your own unique space.

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