what to put on glass coffee table

Tips for Styling Your Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can be a stunning addition to any home, but they can also feel tricky to style. To give your coffee table an eye-catching look while also making sure it is functional and practical, here are some top tips to help you out.

Choose a Colour Theme

To make sure your glass coffee table doesn’t look cluttered and chaotic, consider choosing a colour theme. Try and use items that are the same colour or that come in similar shades. This will make sure the table looks polished and pulled together.

Keep it Practical

Even though it might look good to style it with purely decorative items, it is important to make sure the items on your coffee table are practical. These items should be things that you can pick up and use when you need or want to do so. Examples of practical items to include are:

  • Books
  • Remote Controls
  • Coasters
  • Magazines
  • Scented Candles

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

A great way to make your glass coffee table look stunning is to incorporate some plants and flowers on it. For smaller glass coffee tables, you could find a pretty little terrarium or even a succulent in a pot or a pot of orchids. For larger coffee tables you could try some larger plants with lots of green leaves.

Keep it Balanced

When styling your glass coffee table, it is important to keep it balanced. Try to spread items out evenly so the weight is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the table. This will create a more attractive and cohesive look.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your glass coffee table looks stylish and put together. Do some experimenting and have fun with it, so you can create a look that reflects your personal style and makes your home look inviting.

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