what to put on glass coffee table

Things to Put on a Glass Coffee Table for Stylish Glamour

Glass coffee tables add an air of sophistication to your living area. When opting for the traditionally elegant glass coffee table, it can be difficult to decide what type of items are appropriate to display on this type of table. Here’s a few items you can use to achieve the perfect glamorous look.

1. Books

Books are timeless classics that must not be forgotten. Pile a few high-quality books on your glass coffee table top to instantly evoke a sense of luxury. Pick thick, fashion or photography books with bold, glossy covers to add pizzazz.

2. Candles

Candles have always been a feature in elegant settings. Choose a variety of simple and luxurious scented candles in glass containers. Candlelight allows you to create an atmosphere of subtle romanticism and captivating mood.

3. Flowers

For an effortless touch of luxury and beauty, you can never go wrong with flowers. Pick fresh flowers in stylish glass vases for a classically elegant look. You can also use artificial plants for a timeless aesthetic.

4. Trinkets

As for those pretty trinket objects, it is all about how you arrange them. Choose a few trinket items that reflect style such as high-end statues, vases and sculptures. Place them strategically throughout the table for a polished glam finish.

5. Accessories

Sometimes, adding the right pillows and throws will give your coffee table an aura of warmth and comfort. Use pieces of knitted or velvet fabric that are well matched with the colors of your furniture. Also, you can add glossy vases, holders and magazine stands to show off your latest reads or favorite magazines.


Your glass coffee table can become your favorite style statement in the living area if you choose the right decorations. Keep the sophisticate side of your coffee table polished with the right items and enjoy the stunning look you’ve created for yourself!

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