what to put on glass coffee table

Glass Coffee Table – What To Put On

A glass coffee table can look stunning in any living room and it can offer your room a modern, contemporary and classy touch. Even though these type of coffee tables appear effortless and simple, there’s still plenty to think about, for instance; what to put on it?

Tips on what to put on a glass coffee table:

  • A tray – adding a tray, filled with items that can provide decorative use will make all the difference in the world. This way, you’ll be able to fill the table and customize it according to your style, yet avoid it looking too cluttered. However, make sure you go for items in similar or complementary colors.
  • Flowers – having a bunch of flowers is always a bright idea. Whether you pick up a wildflower bouquet or a bunch of roses, your table is sure to look cheerful.
  • Books and candles – why not add some stylish items such as books and candles? Choose books with eye-catching covers and tall scented candles will add a pleasant touch on your table.
  • Table accents – sometimes, a glass coffee table needs a few accents to look complete. Why don’t you opt for bright-colored coasters, a beautiful vase or a bowl filled with various knick knacks, as well as a few really nice pictures.

These are just a few considerations you can make in order to decorate your glass coffee table like a pro. Make sure you just add some of the items and that your furniture looks both stylish and spacious.

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