what to put on glass coffee table

Things To Put On A Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can breathe life into any living space. These transparent surfaces allow plenty of options for decorating in creative and stylish ways. Here are some great ideas for what to put on a glass coffee table:


Books always make for great coffee table decorations. Whether stacked in a corner or arranged in a pile, books make the space look inviting and are sure to spark conversations between your guests.


Adding a few colorful flowers to your glass coffee table can make all the difference. A bouquet of natural, freshly cut flowers can instantly spruce up any living space.


Nothing adds a warm, inviting atmosphere like candles. Place a few carefully-selected, scented candles around your glass coffee table to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


A decorative tray adds a great pop of color to any living space. Use the tray as a catch-all for magazines, books, and any other items sitting on your table that might need tidying up.

Unique Accents

Adding small, unique accents can bring your glass coffee table to life. Try adding small statuettes, figurines, or artwork for a vibrant, stylish look.


You can add a personal, creative touch to your glass coffee table with embellishments. There are plenty of options such as lace covers, table runners, and throws. Get creative and make your glass coffee table one-of-a-kind.

Adding a few decorations to your glass coffee table can make all the difference in your space. Your glass coffee table doesn’t have to be empty; there are plenty of fun, stylish options to make it look great!

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