what to put on glass coffee table

Decorating with Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables can provide light and air to a room, without taking up a lot of valuable space. Despite this, they are often overlooked in terms of decorating. Fortunately, with a few well-chosen items, you can turn your glass coffee table into a stylish accent to your home.

Table Arrangements

An arrangement on your glass coffee table can quickly draw the eye and offer a visual break amongst the surrounding decor. Arrange three items of different heights, either vertically or horizontally, to emphasize the shapes and add visual interest.


Placing thinner pillows on the front corners of your glass coffee table is an easy way to soften the hard lines of the table and create a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Choose pillows with bright, geometric patterns to draw attention to the table and coordinate with the room.

Focal Objects

To create a centerpiece on your glass coffee table, choose an object that stands out and is interesting. This might be a sculpture, a piece of vintage glassware, or even an interesting bowl decorated with shells and stones.


Books can add a lot of visual interest and depth to a glass coffee table. Choose illustrated coffee table books with bright and vibrant titles that coordinate with the rest of your room and emphasize the table. You can also choose a stack of novels with bright, contrasting spines and use them as a stand-alone display or alongside other pieces.

Boxes and Trays

Slim boxes and trays can be used to store items and keep your glass coffee table looking neat. Place a tray with a pair of delicate decorative items in the center of the table, or store remotes and magazines in slim boxes on the edges.


Fresh cut flowers in a bright colored vase will provide a vibrant display and instantly brighten up the room. Place the flowers and vase in the center of the coffee table to draw attention and soften the hard lines of the glass.


Accessories such as coasters and candle holders can bring texture and color to your glass coffee table. Choose items that match the overall style of the room, or opt for something of a contrasting style to create an interesting visual.


A small lamp or light fitting can be used to create a soft and inviting atmosphere. Place it in a corner of the coffee table, surrounded by decorations and accessories, to create an eye-catching display. Alternatively, you can use LED fairy lights to add a touch of sparkle.

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