what to put on glass coffee table

Decorating Your Glass Coffee Table

Decorating your home with a glass coffee table can be a great way to add style to any living space. But, once you’ve picked out the perfect glass table the question becomes: What should you put on it? Here are some tips for making your perfect glass coffee table centerpiece.

Coffee Table Books

Books are the classic go-to item for a coffee table. From large art books to smaller picture books, this is a great way to cover the table and still maintain a stylish look. This can also be a great way to express your style and personality.

Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions can also add a stylish touch to your glass coffee table. Not only will this help your table look stylish, but it can give you up to date news and articles at a glance.

Candles & Plants

Adding candles and plants to your glass coffee table is a great way to bring a cozy vibe to the room. Candles will help the area feel more relaxed and will also provide a nice ambiance. Plants, on the other hand, will add a touch of greenery to the room.

Living Room Collectables

If you have any collectables such as sculptures or vases, they can be great additions as well. These can serve to provide an interesting conversation piece that can be appreciated by other guests.

Modern Artwork

Adding a piece of modern artwork to your glass coffee table can help bring a unique feel to your home. This will provide a great impact in the room and can really turn your glass table into the centerpiece.

How to Create the Perfect Glass Coffee Table

  • Choose a Tablecloth – Make sure to choose a tablecloth that works with the style of your table and room, as this will help to make the table look more polished and flow better with the rest of the décor.
  • Pick a Centerpiece – When picking the items that will sit on top of the table, think carefully about the items that you’d like on display. This will help create a stylish and unified look.
  • Organize, Don’t Clutter – A little bit of clutter can be okay, but remember to organize your items and keep the table looking neat and tidy.
  • Add Texture – Different textures can also help to bring out the style of the glass table. Consider adding some cloth napkins or a patterned tray to add some visual interest.
  • Keep it Light – Keeping the items on the table light can prevent it from looking too overwhelming. Try to stick to lighter-colored items and a few smaller pieces instead of a single large item.

Creating the perfect glass coffee table doesn’t have to be hard. With the right items and a bit of creativity, you can make your glass table the centerpiece of your living space.

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