what to put on glass coffee table

What To Put On Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can add a contemporary look to a living area, but can feel a bit sterile. Placing decorations and items on your glass coffee table can add a warmth to the room. Here are some ideas for what to put on a glass coffee table to give it personality.


Books can add color and interest to your glass coffee table. While coffee table books such as art books can add visual appeal, don’t be afraid to use books that you already own. Whether small paperbacks that you’ve read many times, or newer hardcover books, choosing titles that reflect your interests will add a personal touch to the room.


Using trays on your glass coffee table can make it look more organized and help keep items grouped together. They can also give a nod to your personal style. A rustic wooden tray can provide a lot of charm to a modern room, while a sleek silver tray will stand out against the glass.


Adding accents to the glass coffee table will draw the eye. Consider using items like vases, terrariums or pottery. Displaying a cluster of items can be eye-catching, or place one large item, such as a sculpture or a globe, on its own to make a statement.


For an easy transition from the couch to the glass coffee table, place pillows on the edge of the table. Pillows provide softness and comfort to the room and make a great place to put your feet up. Choose pillows that are neutral, such as grey or cream, so they don’t distract from other décor.


Gather up all your remotes and place them in a decorative box or basket on the glass coffee table. This can keep them from getting lost and makes it easy to find the one you need.


Live plants create a sense of life in a room and can add some much-needed color. A selection of plants, either large plants with leaves or succulents, can liven up the glass coffee table and make the area more inviting.


Adding personal items such as photographs or mementos can make your glass coffee table more meaningful. Place these keepsakes on a tray or clustered in a group to make a statement.


Lit candles can provide a warm atmosphere in the room and are great for setting the mood. Choose votive candles that are either unscented or have a subtle scent, so they don’t overpower your space.

Using just a few items can turn your glass coffee table from sterile to inviting. Employ these ideas for what to put on a glass coffee table to give the room a unique, personal touch.

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