what to put on coffee table ideas

What to Put on a Coffee Table

Ornate Vases

Adding a beautiful vase with some fresh flowers on it can decorate the room instantly. Choose a vase that matches the colors or style of the room. Ceramic, glass, or a galvanized metal: these are great materials to give your table an elegant and cozy feel!

Decorative Boxes

Stack some decorated boxes on top of each other to break the monotony and add texture. Decorative boxes are useful to store items and make the coffee table practical.


Stacks of books make for great design pieces that look great on a coffee table. Choose some of your favorites and make sure the colors complement the room.

Unique Pieces

Finding items that have a bit of a story behind them can turn a coffee table into a conversation piece. A family heirloom, vintage pieces, quirky statuettes, antiques, and books with artwork on them are some great items to use.


Using a tray is an excellent way to make the coffee table look organized and neat and keep small items or fragile pieces contained. You can build a decorative display in a organized way and be creative.


Adding a couple of candles in a color that complements your interior is a great way to set the atmosphere. Play with the size, shape and colors of the candles to make the table stand out.

Tablecloth or Runner

An easy way to add color and texture to your coffee table is to cover it with a tablecloth or runner. Choose a bold enough pattern that complements the room style, and it will bring the whole look together.

These are some great ideas you can use to make your coffee table look inviting and stylish.

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