what to put on a tray on a coffee table

How To Style A Coffee Table Tray

A coffee table tray can be a great addition to your living space and offers a simple way to create a stylish yet practical display. Here’s how to style your coffee table tray to get the most from it:

Choose Your Tray

The type of tray you choose will largely depend on the overall style of your living room, so pick something that fits with your home decor. Consider the shape, size and colour, as well as materials; think metal, wood, rattan, wicker or ceramic.

Decide On A Theme

Decide what type of display you’d like to create. Choose your colour palette and keep within it as much as possible. You could go for a holiday theme, a tropical oasis feel, natural tones or a vintage vibe – the possibilities are endless!

Find A Focal Point

Begin styling your tray with a focal point – select one special object such as a hurricane lamp, figurine or floral arrangement to add an eye catching element.

Choose Your Accessories

Pick items to bring your display together. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Plants or Flowers: A few leafy blooms or succulents can bring life to your coffee table tray.
  • Books: stack a few stylish books in a contrasting colour for an elegant touch.
  • Candles:Pick a scent that fits with the season and move it when burning for safety.
  • Small Dishes: Select dishes or bowls to organize items like keys and coins.
  • Decorative Accents: Think sculptures, trinkets and other decor pieces.

Create A Balanced Look

Be mindful of the balance of objects; pair bigger items with smaller ones and use some symmetry if possible. Have fun and move items around to create the perfect display. With a few simple techniques, your coffee table tray will look beautiful and offer a practical place to store items!

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