what to put on a round glass coffee table

Decorate Your Round Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are versatile and easy to incorporate into any type of decor. Adding decorative items to them can completely change their mood, making them perfect to transition from one season to the next. Here are a few ideas of items to complete the appearance of your round glass coffee table:


Books are a timeless staple for coffee tables and can create an inviting vibe for your guests. You can choose large coffee table books to make a bold statement or stack small interesting books on the edge and side of tables to create an eye-catching arrangement.


You can prefer either live or artificial flowers on your round glass coffee table. They immediately add a spark of life to a room and can help bring the outdoors, in. You can opt for a floral-patterned tray, vase or basket to display the flowers or even arrange different sized vases with flowers on smaller tables.


Candles are a great way to add both texture and warmth to your coffee table. You can pair their attractive fragrance with votive holders of different shapes, sizes, and colors to give off a homely, cozy feeling.

Decorative Accents

A few interesting and unique objects on the glass coffee table will help add some personality to the setting. To make a striking statement, choose an eye catching item such as a quirky sculpture, an animal figurine, or even a futuristic metal ornament.


Mirrors are a great addition to a round glass coffee table by providing a sense of depth to the space. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes that will fit perfectly with your style.

So, whatever your design aesthetic might be, you can create a simple yet stylish layout for your round glass coffee table by following these tips for decoration. Let your creativity shine and design your perfectly balanced space!

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