what to put on a rectangular coffee table

What to Put on a Rectangular Coffee Table

Rectangular coffee tables can be quite versatile pieces of furniture. They make excellent centerpieces for your living room, not to mention a great addition to any conversation area. Complete the look of your coffee table by adding the right decor and accents.

The Function of Accessories

Before deciding what to put on the table, you should consider its purpose. Are you going to use it mainly as a serving area for drinks? Or do you prefer to use it as an area for décor, books, and other items? Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to use the table for, you can decide which accessories to place on it.

Small Accents

If you would like to enhance the look of the table, start with the basics:

  • Table runner – this will give your table an eye-catching visual effect.
  • Tray – a decorative tray will provide a nice display for small items.
  • Vase – a vase is great to hold fresh-cut flowers or some greenery.
  • Throw pillows – these will give the table an extra accent and pop of color.

Once you have these accessories on the table, you can add some items to give the table a personal touch. A small sculpture, some paperweights, or a candle holder can be great options to complete the style of your table.

Books or Magazines

If you’re looking to make your table more functional, consider adding a few books or magazines to it. Not only will this provide a nice conversation topic, but it will also give your table a literary touch. You can place two or three books, turning them into an interesting display piece.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a rectangular coffee table is an easy way to bring flavor to any living room. By combining a few small accents, a few books, and a couple of magazines, you can create an inviting and inviting focal point in the room. Don’t forget to use your own style and creativity to give your rectangular table a unique and personal touch.

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