what to put on a glass coffee table

How to Style Your Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables make a stylish addition to any living room. Not only are they perfect for modern, contemporary or eclectic-style homes, they also work in more traditional or rustic homes. To make the most of your glass coffee table, here is an overview of what to put on it:

Vases and Jugs

Glass coffee tables are ideal for displaying glass vases filled with fresh flowers or even dried flowers. Or why not try a colorful jug filled with colorful blooms?

Books and Magazines

You can really make the most of your glass coffee table by using it as a book stand. Swap out your books and magazines for a fresh look at any time.


Adding candles to your glass coffee table brings a beautiful soft glow and a cozy atmosphere to your living room. Try a grouping of candles of assorted sizes and shapes.


Accessories such as trinket dishes, decorative ceramic figurines or framed photographs can add interest and appeal to your glass coffee table.

Display Pieces

To create a conversation piece or focal point, display items such as a large bowl, antique vase or rustic planter on your glass coffee table.

Don’t forget, always choose items that are relatively light so that they don’t cause your coffee table to become unstable.

Follow these tips to create the perfect glass coffee table for your home.

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