what to put on a glass coffee table

What to Put On a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are a stylish addition to any home as they give a modern and airy look in the room. They can easily blend in with other furnishing and room decorations, but it is important to style them correctly to make sure the table looks its best. Depending on the look and feel you are going for, here are a few suggestions for things to put on a glass coffee table:

Vase with Flowers

A classic way to add a decorative touch to your table is to place a vase with flowers in the center. You can use either artificial or real flowers but having a vase as part of the display can bring an elegant and bright feel to the room.

Stylish Coasters

Glass coffee tables can easily be scratched or stained, so it is important that you use coasters when placing down drinks. However, don’t just go for plain coasters – opt for stylish designs that fit in with your room’s décor and color.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines can be an interesting addition to a glass coffee table. Ensure that you choose an interesting selection, as this can help to add atmosphere to the room and they’re something visitors can take a look at if they want to.

Decorative figurines and sculptures

Vintage figurines or pieces of art are both stylish and practical when decorating a glass coffee table. When choosing this option make sure that the pieces are of good quality and that you think about the overall look when placing them.

Other items

Other items such as remote controls can also be kept on the table. If you want to make sure it looks neat, you can use a decorative tray or basket to keep things tidy. You can also choose a tray that matches with the room décor and keep all remotes, magazines, and books in it.


A glass coffee table is an easy way to give your room an instant lift and encourage conversation. By adding items such as a vase of flowers, stylish coasters, books and magazines, decorative figurines, and other items such as remote, you can create a stylish and practical atmosphere.
Don’t forget to use coasters to prevent scratches and damage to your table.

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