what to put on a coffee table

What to Put on a Coffee Table:

A coffee table is a focal point of your living room, but when it is covered with clutter, it can be an eyesore. Don’t let your living room become a cluttered disaster, here are a few tips and ideas on what to put on a coffee table to keep your living space looking great:

1. Less is More

When it comes to coffee tables, less is always more. Your table should have few accent items, so your space looks open and inviting.

2. Use Trays & Bowls

Organize small items and create a well-designed look by using trays or bowls. These are great for grouping keys, remotes, and other small items together in a way that looks attractive.

3. Add Plants & Flowers

Add a bit of life to your room with a few pot plants or a vase of fresh flowers. These add color and warmth to your living room and can be easily removed if you ever want a quick change.

4. Place Stylish Objects

Choose one or two objet d’art or pieces of period furniture as accents pieces on your coffee table. To make it look intentional, aim for symmetry. For example, you could place two matching candlesticks at either end of the table.

5. Put Books on Display

Books are the perfect coffee table accessory, as long as they’re interesting to browse. Choose books that have great covers and have both fiction and non-fiction that are related to what you do, or pick books with wonderful themes.

6. Add Lights

To add another layer of nighttime elegance to your living room, place a couple of small lamps on your coffee table. Light reflecting surfaces, like glass or lacquer look best.

7. Mix & Match Decorative Accessories

To complete the look of your coffee table, choose a few small, decorative accessories to add personality to your space.

  • Potted succulents
  • Objects from nature, like stones, fossils, or a set of polished river rocks
  • Vintage frames, boxes, or vases
  • Designer Candles, coasters, serving boards, and bookends

That’s it! With a few carefully chosen items, you can easily design an inviting and uncluttered coffee table vignette that adds charm and personality to your living room.

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