what to put on a big coffee table

Styling a Big Coffee Table

Big coffee tables make a statement and can tie a room together. When styling a big coffee table, it’s important to have a few accents that makes the table stand out. Here are some of the best items to consider to decorate your coffee table in style.


Books make a perfect decorative item for a big coffee table, especially when it comes to books with beautiful cover art. This is a great way to bring in colour and interest with coffee table books that can span from fashion to coffee-making.

Glasses or Candles

Glass containers and candles are a fun way to add a designer touch to your coffee table. Grouping objects in odd numbers can give the table a more sophisticated look, so it’s worth considering putting together a display of these objects. Alternatively, you can have one special one to draw attention.

Flowers or Fresh Greenery

Bringing a touch of nature to any living space is always a great idea, and that stands true with a big coffee table. Flowers and fresh greenery can really brighten up the area and bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Don’t worry if you forget to water them—you can always get some faux plants if preferred.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces like sculptures and interesting decorative objects can bring extra attention to your big coffee table. Ultimately, these are the types of pieces that you’re going to remember for many years. Just be careful that these items remain smaller than your coffee table, as anything too large will take away from the overall look.


A good way to bring all the elements of your coffee table together is to use a decorative tray. A tray can hold all the above items, from glasses and candles to accent pieces and flowers. Plus, it’s easier to move around when you need to do some cleaning or rearranging.

Styling a big coffee table can be a fun project and is something that you’ll appreciate for years. Just remember to consider the items above and select something that will really stand out. Happy styling!

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