what to put in a shadowbox coffee table

How to Style a Shadow Box Coffee Table to Perfection

Shadows boxes are fun and unique pieces that can be used to decorate your living room. There are many design options, but these can be overwhelming to someone who is just starting out when it comes to interior design.

Shadow box coffee tables are simple tables with a top that lifts up to reveal a box within the table, usually surrounded by a wooden frame. They are perfect to store small items and to create interesting displays that capture the attention of visitors. Here is a guide on how to choose and style your shadow box coffee table.

Choosing a Shadow Box Coffee Table

When shopping for a Shadow Box Coffee Table, consider the following elements:

  • Size: Determine the size of the room and look for a table with proportions that will fit, keeping in mind the size of furniture around it.
  • Style: Select a style to reflect the style of your home.
  • Wood: Consider the type of wood used for the table and check for good quality and appropriate stain.
  • Frame: Look at the design of the frame and opt for one with a nice shape.

Styling a Shadow Box Coffee Table

Once you have chosen your Shadow Box Coffee Table, it’s time to style it. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Find a colorful tablecloth to add a festive touch to the table.
  • Choose some books to use as decorations and to be tucked into the shadow box.
  • Look for vases, candles or ornaments to place on top of the table or to be tucked into the box.
  • Gather toys, games or puzzles to keep kids entertained.
  • Finally, choose some pictures or art to display in the shadow box.

The possibilities to decorate a Shadow Box Coffee Table are endless, and it’s a great piece to be creative with. So, choose your favourite elements and start styling yours.

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