what to put in a glass coffee table

Furnishing Your Glass Coffee Table

Are you wondering what to put in your glass coffee table? There are many options when it comes to adding your own touch to this sleek living room staple. It can be tricky to find a balance of decorations that provide an interesting and attractive display but do not detract from the beauty of the glass table.

Size It Up

When considering what to put in your glass coffee table, size matters. If the table is large, you can easily accommodate a range of decorations and this allows for much creativity in the styling. If the table is small, only a few items should be placed on it to avoid it looking cluttered and overwhelmed.

Opt for Textured Pieces

Texture is an important factor when styling a glass coffee table. To add interest and intrigue opt for pieces with texture and tactility; basket-weave boxes, woven trays, and rustic pottery plates. Adding a few decorative books and patterned coasters is also a great way to break up the glass tabletop.

Get Creative with Details

Smaller items such as scatter cushions, flowers, and scented candles are perfect details to put on a glass coffee table. Whether you prefer a wild and eclectic mix, or you like to keep it more minimal and sophisticated, accessorizing your glass coffee table with these smaller elements will help to make it truly unique.

Pick Your Finishing Touches

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches. To complete the look of the glass coffee table, add two pieces that represent your personality:

  • A personalized item such a beautiful vase, family photo, or ornament.
  • A contemporary item to bring a modern twist such as a glass figurine or metallic sculpture.

Once you have added these special touches, you are sure to have an eye-catching and inviting display on your glass coffee table.

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