what to put in a glass coffee table

What To Put In A Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table can add a stylish and modern touch to any room and also be quite practical. But what should you put in it? Here are some ideas for styling an inviting and effective display:


Books are an excellent choice for a glass coffee table, as the transparency of the glass allows the spines to be displayed in all their colourful glory. Choose books that have an interesting design or display collections of books that have something in common.


Decorative boxes provide the perfect place to store items such as remote controls and magazines, while still looking attractive. They can also be used to store scrapbooks or souvenirs and displayed prominently.

Statues and Figurines

Statues and figurines are a timeless and classic way to add character to a coffee table. Take a trip to a vintage or antique shop and look for something unique or you can select modern versions with a pop of colour.


Real or artificial flowers add an elegant, fresh touch to any home. There are many different types that range from brightly coloured artificial to delicate real bouquets.


Candlesticks make for attractive and stylish accents on a glass coffee table. Opt for several small ones in different heights for a more interesting display, or tall ones for a more traditional look.


You can also display artifacts such as model boats, small sculptures or vases. The options are endless when it comes to styling a coffee table, so have fun and experiment with different items.

In conclusion, a glass coffee table can be both practical and stylish. Books, boxes, statues, flowers, candles and other miscellaneous items are just some of the items you can utilize to create a pleasant display that will make you and your guests feel welcomed.

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