what to put in a glass coffee table

Decorating Your Glass Coffee Table

Having a glass coffee table in your living room is a great way to make your space appear open and inviting. You may be wondering what to put in it or how to make it look stylish without making it cluttered or too distracting. Here are some ideas for decorating your glass coffee table:

Choose Stylish Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to fill up empty space on your table. Choose books that have an interesting and stylish cover to give the table an added aesthetic. You can also layer different books of different sizes on top of one another for an eye-catching look.

Filling the Center of the Table

For the center of the table, consider adding something with a unique shape that complements the overall decor of your room. A decorative bowl, vase, sculpture, or figurine can serve as a beautiful centerpiece.

Using Other Accessories

In addition to books and centerpieces, you can also add other accessories to your table. Some suggestions include:

  • Candles: Place candles on the table to set a romantic mood, or opt for scented candles to give your space a nice aroma.
  • Baskets: Add small baskets filled with colorful trinkets or plants for a bohemian feel.
  • Coasters: Place coasters around the table to protect from moisture.
  • Picture Frames: Show off your favorite photos by placing them in ornate frames.
  • Crystals: Add a few sparkly crystals to the table to bring in some positive energy.

No matter what you choose to put in your glass coffee table, just make sure that your decor pieces are cohesive and work together to create an inviting and beautiful space.

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