what to put in a glass coffee table

What to Put in a Glass Coffee Table

When selecting furniture for your living space, a glass coffee table is a great choice. Though visually unobtrusive, a glass coffee table can serve as the centerpiece of a room. Here are some tips for deciding what elements to add to your glass coffee table for maximum impact.

Decorative Elements

Incorporating decorative elements onto your glass coffee table is an easy way to add some unique style to your living space. Here are a few options:

  • Flowers – Cut flowers, branches, air plants, or succulents make beautiful and natural additions to your coffee table.
  • Books – Books also look great on coffee tables. Arrange several books of varying sizes, spines facing up, to create an interesting look.
  • Neutral Objects – Choose neutral objects – like shells, agate slices, or sculptures – to add texture and color.

Functional Elements

In addition to decorative elements, there are a few functional items to include on your glass coffee table.

  • Trays – A tray is a great way to organize items, like remotes or coasters.
  • Baskets – For a tidier look, try using baskets to store items like magazines or blankets.
  • Lamps – Adding a lamp is a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Putting it All Together

When you have chosen the items that you would like to include on your glass coffee table, experiment with different arrangements. Play around with the heights and sizes of your items and be sure to step back and look at your table from all angles. With a few simple changes, you will be sure to build a beautiful and uniquely your own glass coffee table centerpiece.

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