what to place on a glass coffee table

What To Place On A Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table is a great addition to any home decor. It looks modern, sleek, and can be a great conversation piece. But, this type of furniture can be tricky to accessorize. Here’s a few tips on what to place on a glass coffee table.

Unique Decorative Pieces

Adding unique decorative pieces, like sculptures or pottery, to a glass coffee table can bring the whole room together. If it’s a modern apartment, consider a nice sculpture. If it’s a homey and inviting atmosphere, pottery or an interesting book are a few worthwhile additions.

A Centrepiece

Having a centrepiece on your glass coffee table can add a bit of elegance to the look. Flowers, a tall vase with a branch, and a nice big bowl are all great options. The centerpiece should draw the eye and be something worth looking at for long periods of time.

Functional Accessories

Consider adding items to your glass coffee table, that can double as both a piece of decor, and being functional. A cute tray can be used for both storage and decoration. You can add multiple surfaces, like a plant or clock to the tray, creating a complete look. Make sure whatever you choose is functional, and can complete the look you’re going for.

Accent Colors

Adding accent colors to a glass coffee table can be important. Have pieces that blend in with the color of your walls, or accent colors like blues, purples and yellows. Choose colors that would look good in the room and won’t be too overly contrasting.

Final Thoughts

A glass coffee table can look great when accessorized properly. Adding unique decorative pieces, a nice centrepiece, functional accessories, and accent colors is a great way to be sure that you’ve made the most of your furniture. As long as it looks good and is functional, it can be a great addition to your living space.

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