what to place on a glass coffee table

What To Place On A Glass Coffee Table

Decorating any piece of furniture can be tricky and even mid-century modern furniture such as a glass coffee table can become a challenge. It is important to decorate glass coffee tables with accent pieces that aren’t too heavy since glass is easily damaged. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating glass coffee tables:

Keep It Light

When choosing accent pieces for a glass coffee table, it is important to pick items that don’t put the glass under too much pressure. No matter how strong the glass might be, weight can weaken over time and ultimately lead to damage.

Think Magazines

The great thing about magazines is that they come in all sizes, textures, and colors. Select a few interesting magazines that match the decor and place them on top of the table. Stack them in a neat and orderly fashion to create an aesthetic and visually tasteful display.

Gather a Collection

Collecting items such as figurines or small travel souvenirs is another way to decorate a glass coffee table. The great thing about collections is that the items do not have to be necessarily the same – in fact, mixing pieces often adds an interesting element to the table.

Display Art Objects

Symmetry plays an important role when it comes to showcasing art objects. Creating an eye-catching display with art is made easier as long as the pieces are arranged in symmetry across the table.

Make Use of Candles

Nothing quite beats some relaxing candlelight. When adding candles to a glass coffee table, the candleholders need to be substantial enough to carry the actual weight of the candles. Follow the basic rule of three – using three distinctive yet complementary pieces – to complete the look.

Go Green

Adding a touch of greenery to the glass coffee table can make a room look and feel brighter and more inviting. The key is to pick a plant variety that can survive with minimal water and light.

Cups and Coasters

Coffee, tea…what’s a coffee table without something to enjoy? Using creative and unique cups and coasters on a glass coffee table is a great way to add a pop of color and style to this piece of furniture.

When decorating glass coffee tables, always keep the needs of the specific room in mind. A well-designed glass coffee table can not only look good but also feel inviting, practical and homely.

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