what to place on a glass coffee table

Things to Place on a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can be a stunning piece of furniture in any living room. They can create a sense of sophistication when well-arranged with the right items. Here are some tips for what to place on your glass coffee table to create a beautiful, functional space:

Top Decorative Pieces

  • A Gorgeous Bowl – Fresh blooms are always a great choice, or you could opt for one filled with decorative balls, marbles, or shells.
  • A Candle & Candle Stand – Select one that fits with the overall aesthetic of your room and adds a hint of elegant ambience.
  • Statement Pieces – A sculpture, a statue, an interesting piece of art, or a vintage vase can be excellent choices.
  • Floor Plant – Consider adding a tall floor plant with a basket underneath to introduce something green and natural to the space.

Functional Items

  • Remote Controls – Place a remote control basket near the glass coffee table to store the TV remote and any other electronic remotes.
  • Table Books – Select some books with interesting covers that match the colors and style of your room.
  • Table Tray – Pick a tray in a complementary material such as wood or marble to place drinks and snacks.
  • Tissue Box – Place a nice tissue box on the glass coffee table for easy access for any nose-blowing necessities.

In conclusion, when it comes to styling a glass coffee table, pick items that enhance the overall design of the room. Combine decorative pieces such as a bowl and statement pieces with functional items like trays and remote control baskets.

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