what to place on a glass coffee table

What to Place on a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are a modern, stylish way to bring unique décor to your living room. They provide an elegant and contemporary vibe, while also being easy to maintain and clean. To make sure you get the most out of your glass coffee table, here are some great things to place on it:


Books are an ideal accessory for your glass coffee table. Not only do they bring in a touch of color, but they also make for a great conversational piece. Choose books that reflect your interests and make sure to always have them in arm-reach for when guests come over.


Candles provide both a luxurious look and a gentle scent to your living room. You can go for traditional candles, or opt for scented-candles or tealights. Candles look great when paired with other accessories on your glass coffee table, and make for a great evening atmosphere.

Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to any piece of furniture is an instant way to add life and color to your living room. Depending on the size of your glass coffee table, you can add either one bouquet or several individual flowers. Fresh flowers always add an element of sophistication and class.

Picture Frames

Picture frames provide a personal touch to your glass coffee table. They come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to pick the frames that perfectly match the décor of your living room. Choose photos of friends and family, or your most memorable moments to bring a warm feeling to your glass coffee table.


Finally, decorations provide a unique and creative touch to your glass coffee table. Here are some great and inexpensive décor options for your glass coffee table:

  • Statues: Figurines made of marble, bronze or wood.
  • Vases: Beautiful vases which can be filled with flowers or foliage.
  • Glass bowls: Can be filled with anything from colorful stones to tea lights.

These are just a few ideas to get started with decorating your glass coffee table. With a little imagination and creativity, you can bring your own personality to the décor and create a piece of furniture that stands out in your living room.

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